“Vichyssoise, Baby Leek Sorbet”


This is an Amuse that I did on Fri. Jan. 19. This combination came to me weeks ago but some people thought it was wierd until they put it in their mouth. The leek sorbet was strong by its self but when put with the creamy (entire dish was vegan) vichyssoise it was wonderful. The guest enjoyed this dish and that is what it is all about.



“Two Soles, Celeriac Raviolicimo, Sorrel Soup, Chanterelle”


This is the first dish that I served to my parents. On Top is Dover sole and under it is Petrale sole. The dover is seasoned with AP flour and the Petrale is coated with Arborio Rice Flour.  Underneath the fish is a large ravioli filled with celeriac moussiline. Around the dish is Sorrel soup and roasted Chanterelle mushrooms. This is definitley the best fish dish that I have ever created. The flavors were amazingly balanced. I wish I could eat this everyday.

The second dish that i made was Lamb T-bone with golden lentil puree, burre rouge, sprouted green lentils (had a fresh vegetable sprouty flavor). There is no picture of this dish.


“Scallop Crudo with Bubbles”


It is very often that I have a theme to my dishes. This one is raw scallop with “bubbles”. I juiced ginger, red onion, garlic, mandarine oranges, salt, and rice wine vinegar. I marinated the scallop in it after cryovacing it for 2 hours. On the scallops there is mango “caviar” (bubbles), there is a “cloud” of yuzu, the drink is blood orange “Champagne”. The Champagne was made from juicing blood oranges and then carbonating it in an isi creamer. A server came back after the first table tonight and said that even before she had a chance to ask the guests said it was wonderful. These are the things that make want to keep on truckin.

“Surf and Turf From the Plains”


This is a dish that I cooked for dinner tonight. I walked into Whole foods and went directly to the meat department. There I saw buffalo strip steak. Then I walked over to the fish department thinking that I would do two plates tonight. There I saw catfish (How Perfect?). I thought that this combination would be a wonderful combination for a surf and turf. Then I saw PORCINI mushrooms, there was no way that I could not buy them (even at $50 a pound). They were not nearly the quality or size that I worked with in Italy and I cant really believe that they are still in season but they still tasted wonderful. After the mushrooms I picked up some sunchokes and collard greens then I saw this small root that at first I thought might be salsify. It turned out to be parsley root, I had never seen it before so naturally I had to buy it.

The catfish is served on top of a sunchoke and parsley root puree, brussel srouts, and parsley oil. The buffalo is with porcini and bluefoot mushroom ragout and collard greens.

My Favorite Dish From Hotel Milano


This is a dish from the restaurant in Italy that I worked at las summer.Tagletelli pasta, Rabbit Ragu, Porcini, and Olive Oil. This is by far the best pasta dish that I have ever had in my life and probably will be the best until I die. This is the first and last pasta that I ate before leaving Italy and I hope I have it again before I die. AMAZING!!!