“The Power of A Passion”

drinking-ws-99-view-rear-canterno.jpgThe reason that I have named this sight “The Power of a Passion” is because passion is the reason I get up in the morning. Cooking food, talking food, reading food, seeing food, daydreaming food, these are all my favorite things to do and I do them everyday. I realize that not all things I will cook will be the best looking thing or the most amazing thing that you will put in your mouth but hopefully some of them are. I love learning about food and if I don’t accept that I will have misses then there will be no more learning for me. On this blog I will post all of my dishes (amuse, dinners for friends family, breads, desserts) whether they are five star quality or not I will post it. I am also learning about wine and drinking great wines so I will post these too. I know that not all of the items you will see now or later may not be perfected or incredible but if I don’t accept my failures I will never make it. Thank you for viewing my sight and please leave me any comments that come to your minds.


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