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Will’s Wagyu

A7 Wagyu Ribeye, Parsley, Pomme Fondant, Yuzu Kosho Jus

Will Crandall is one of the Chefs on our team at Azul, Ironically he moved to Miami from Chicago at almost the same time as I did and he lived two blocks away from me in downtown Chicago but we had never met before. Anyway this wagyu is graded A7 for its high quality marbling and after cleaning the whole ribeye the fat is boiled down and used to sous vide each portion with herbs and aromatics. When each steak is fired it is removed from the water bath and seared heavily one one side. The vegetable components are classic with a modern approach (fyi Will stays true to Escoffier techniques and proper French cuisine with a modern vision), parsley is presented in several ways as well as garlic.

The Beef jus is a veal and chicken stock base reinforced with beef meat, and finished with yuzu juice and yuzu kosho. Yuzu kosho literally means yuzu and chili, this is a spicy paste of yuzu rind, yuzu juice, and chili peppers. It is definitely spicy and should be used in moderation, classically it is a sashimi garnish.

Components Include:

Sous Vide A7 Wagyu Ribeye

Pomme Fondant, Russet potato, cooked in clarified butter, garlic, and herbs

Parsley Root tips, and puree

Garlic Confit, Garlic Chips

Parsley Puree, on the plate

Pink Parsley, Parsley leaves, Arugula

Yuzu Kosho Beef Jus


Summer Harvest

Leaves, Branches, Roots, Flowers, Borsin, Arugula Emulsion

This is our “mixed green salad”, it is currently not on the menu but a new fall version will be in the upcoming weeks after the end of Miami Spice. The lettuces are a mix from Chefs Gardens; Gem, Red Oak, Bibb, etc. They are lightly dressed with a sherry vinaigrette, and the quenelle in the middle of the plate is a house made borsin cheese with fine herbs.

Components include:

Baby Gem Lettuces

Sherry Vinaigrette, Olive Oil, grapeseed oil, with peppercorns, fennel seeds, dijon, toasted garlic and shallots, port wine reduction, and honey

Watermelon radish rings, cherry bomb radish, french breakfast radish, micro turnips

Micro carrots

Shaved Fennel and heirloom carrots

Whole Chervil

Brioche Croutons

Arugula Puree

Borsin and Fine Herb Quenelle