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Smoked. Salmon. Chorizo. Radish

Smoked Salmon, Tartare, Chorizo, Red Miso, Radish

Components Include:

Smoked Salmon Hache: Smoked Salmon Finely chopped folded with an aioli of red miso and chorizo drippings, sliced chive

Smoked Salmon and Compressed Radish Terrine

Chorizo Crumbs

Edemame puree with scallion greens, parsley, and garlic ginger confit, Hidden underneath the chorizo crumbs

Compressed Radish pickled in ascorbic acid in different shapes and textures

Sliced Carrot

Carrot Greens

Malabar Spinach Sprout

Corn Sprout

Compressed Pickled Shallot Ring

Chive Tip

Micro Daikon


Back To School

Last month I was able to  go back to the technical school in Kansas City that started my whole career. The school is called Broadmoor Technical Center, and is no ordinary satellite school. Everyday I would leave my regular highschool and got to BTC where I took two years of culinary arts classes. The Chef Instructor is Bob Brassard, the difference between Bob and every other high school culinary arts or home ec teacher is that bob was a REAL Chef. At one point he was an award winning chef in Florida and Nantucket and has seen the ins and outs of fine dining.

Each month at Broadmoor we would do a “Bistro” where we would serve up to 100 guests a five course meal. Now the school district has built them an entire restaurant. With one of the cities nicest dining rooms, a terrace, a full scale bakery, and a huge kitchen with an open pass. They still do the bistros but now they are weekly ( I believe on wednesdays) throughout the school year. I was invited back along with two other previous students to do an Alumni dinner. I do not have the photos of the entire dinner but I do know the menu;

First Course

Squab Apicious, Smoked Swiss Chard Custard, Wheat Vinegar Jus, Frisee

Chef Joe West. Bluestem. Kansas City

Herb and Parmesan Gnocchi, Braised Oxtail, Salsify, Crispy Parsnip, and Fresh Burgundy Truffle

Chef Justin Hoffman. Broadmoor Technical Center. Kansas City

“Fallen Tree”

Trunk, Snail, Moss, Root, Spore, Funghi

Chef Brad Kilgore. Azul. Miami

Smoked and Sous Vide Pork Loin, Head Cheese Croquette, Local Polenta, Green Tomato Jam

Chef Bob Brassard


Deep Fried Creme Brulee, Roasted Banana-Caramailized White Chocolate Ice Cream,

Butternut Squash Espuma, Sassafras Caramel Powder, Huckleberries

Chef Brad Kilgore. Pastry Chef Soraya Caraccioli (my wife). Chef Joe West

I only have picks of my first dish the “Fallen Tree”

The Heart of Palm is made to represent the part of the “Fallen Tree” and the rest of the dish would be things that grow and live on or near a fallen tree in the forest. I really would like to follow up this dish and do it again in a more professional setting and I definitely will put this in my repertoire. It was a difficult dish to pull off doing 55 at one time in a sort of banquet style setting but on a tasting menu in a proper setting with a little bit more reconstructing I believe it has a lot of potential.

Components Include

Tree: Heart of Palm, Glazed with a caraway seed vegetable stock and Iota Carageenan

Mud: Caramalized onion, dried mushrooms, espresso, cocoa powder, cayanne pepper, brown sugar, and water

Moss: Dill, Fennel Frons with their own liq. gel

Twigs: Shiitake mushrooms

Tree Stump: Leek root

Funghi: Pickled Honshemaji

Snail: Escargot Rolled in puffed quinoa

Spore: Asiago Espuma coated with black quinoa, cauliflower crumbs

Garnishes: Micro herb flowers, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil buds, Smoked Salt

“How Else Do You Make Borscht?”

The other day I went over to our croyvac machine and started to shove leaves of red cabbage into large croyo bags. Another very intelligent Chef  was staring at me from the corner of his eye, thinking “What is he doing Now!?! and I immediatly said, “How else do you make Borscht”. To many this make not make sense but between Will and I it was all that was needed to be said. We see how everyone works, reacts, and moves on a daily basis so it is pretty easy for us to read eachother especially when someone is up to something….

Okay So I had six bags of cryovaced red cabbage, then I took up all the room in another guys circulator bath…oops…(of course he still got his veg. cooked). The cabbage was cooked at 85 C for 1 hr. and 15 min. then pureed with roasted shallots, white soy, fish sauce, and local honey. It was important to me to make sure that it still tasted like cabbage, was bright purple but, of course was delicious.

I did some research on borsht and have spoke to Russians, Ukranianes, and other easter Europeans over the years and there is such a variety of different types of borscht its crazy. It can be red, green, light, heavy, hot, cold, filled with meat, boar, shellfish, vegetarian, beets, cabbage, sour, rich, Russian,… the list goes on and on. So yes that leaves me with a lot of room for a broad interpretation but I do not want to disrespect such a widely respected international staple.

Red Cabbage “Borscht”, Green Apple, Japanese Mustard, Parsley,

Yogurt In Textures; Whey “Curd”, Emulsion, Croquant

Components Include:

Red Cabbage Borscht

Green Apple Ribbon

Yogurt Whey “Curd”

Yogurt Horseradish Emulsion, Greek Yogurt, Horseradish root, U-Tex 3

Yogurt Croquant, Isomalt, Fondant, Freeze Dried Yogurt Powder

Pickled Parsley Root

Dehydrated Parsley

Parsley Fluid Gel, Parsley, Agar Agar, Low Acyl Gellan

Re-hydrated Japanese Mustard, Water, Lemon Juice, Lemon Zest Salt, Rice Vinegar, Distilled Vinegar

Nasturtium Leaves

Wood Sorrel

Sprouted Malabar Spinach

Olive Oil

“New” England Clam Chowder

“Clam Chowder Espuma, Pickled Celery, Shrimp Hache’,

Yukon Confit, and Crisped Shallot”