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“How Else Do You Make Borscht?”

The other day I went over to our croyvac machine and started to shove leaves of red cabbage into large croyo bags. Another very intelligent Chef  was staring at me from the corner of his eye, thinking “What is he doing Now!?! and I immediatly said, “How else do you make Borscht”. To many this make not make sense but between Will and I it was all that was needed to be said. We see how everyone works, reacts, and moves on a daily basis so it is pretty easy for us to read eachother especially when someone is up to something….

Okay So I had six bags of cryovaced red cabbage, then I took up all the room in another guys circulator bath…oops…(of course he still got his veg. cooked). The cabbage was cooked at 85 C for 1 hr. and 15 min. then pureed with roasted shallots, white soy, fish sauce, and local honey. It was important to me to make sure that it still tasted like cabbage, was bright purple but, of course was delicious.

I did some research on borsht and have spoke to Russians, Ukranianes, and other easter Europeans over the years and there is such a variety of different types of borscht its crazy. It can be red, green, light, heavy, hot, cold, filled with meat, boar, shellfish, vegetarian, beets, cabbage, sour, rich, Russian,… the list goes on and on. So yes that leaves me with a lot of room for a broad interpretation but I do not want to disrespect such a widely respected international staple.

Red Cabbage “Borscht”, Green Apple, Japanese Mustard, Parsley,

Yogurt In Textures; Whey “Curd”, Emulsion, Croquant

Components Include:

Red Cabbage Borscht

Green Apple Ribbon

Yogurt Whey “Curd”

Yogurt Horseradish Emulsion, Greek Yogurt, Horseradish root, U-Tex 3

Yogurt Croquant, Isomalt, Fondant, Freeze Dried Yogurt Powder

Pickled Parsley Root

Dehydrated Parsley

Parsley Fluid Gel, Parsley, Agar Agar, Low Acyl Gellan

Re-hydrated Japanese Mustard, Water, Lemon Juice, Lemon Zest Salt, Rice Vinegar, Distilled Vinegar

Nasturtium Leaves

Wood Sorrel

Sprouted Malabar Spinach

Olive Oil