Daily Archives: November 29, 2011

Smoked. Salmon. Chorizo. Radish

Smoked Salmon, Tartare, Chorizo, Red Miso, Radish

Components Include:

Smoked Salmon Hache: Smoked Salmon Finely chopped folded with an aioli of red miso and chorizo drippings, sliced chive

Smoked Salmon and Compressed Radish Terrine

Chorizo Crumbs

Edemame puree with scallion greens, parsley, and garlic ginger confit, Hidden underneath the chorizo crumbs

Compressed Radish pickled in ascorbic acid in different shapes and textures

Sliced Carrot

Carrot Greens

Malabar Spinach Sprout

Corn Sprout

Compressed Pickled Shallot Ring

Chive Tip

Micro Daikon