Order Fire, Vegan Tasting!

For some chef this can be a moment of rage or anxiety, but I take it as a challenge. We had a table of 7 guest and two of them had dietary restrictions and shared similar menus. I did not get a photo of each dish but I snapped one of the last savory course for the vegan diner.

I had a chance to showcase some of the beautiful produce that we currently have. Each vegetable or leaf was treated and presented in its own manner in order to showcase its natural texture or flavor. Then to finish the dish a mushroom dashi was poured tableside.

Components Include:

Chanterelle Mushrooms, glazed with olive oil and lemon jus

Raw Sliced Matsutake’ mushrooms

Organic Marble Potatoes, cooked patatas bravas style with a salt crust

Poached Carrot tips, from Sid Wainer

Poached and Seared Hearts of Palm

Garlic Confit in Olive Oil

Purple Mustard Greens


Tableside Mushroom Dashi, Toasted Garlic, Herb, Tamari Soy, Telicherry


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