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Fritatta Carbonara


Fritatta Carbonara

“Truffled Fritatta “Lava”,

Twenty-Four Hour Braised Prosciutto,

“Crispy Ramp Glass”, Almond Pesto

(Look at the reflection in the “Glass” of the Fritatta )

I have been planning this dish for a couple of weeks and now I got what I wanted. I do not usually talk about the flavor of the dish instea I just tell you what is in it but, this time I have to say that it was awesome. The braised proscuito took an entire day and if I had to write a recipe from the beginning of the raw pork leg then it would take like a year to make. hahaha.fritatta-carbonara-2.jpg I came up with the Fritatta “Lava” the other day and was very pleased with the results so I worked on the rest of the components the last couple of days. After you break open the “Fritatta” the outer layers are like a light quiche (if you will) and the inside is a molten truffle custard. Everything came out exactly as planned (which never, ever, ever, happens), except for the fact that IT WAS SO HUMID IN THE KITCHEN EVEN AS I PLATED THE DISH THE “GLASS” WAS GETTING SOFT AND BENDING ON IT’S OWN! so I guess it never happens but,

I am very proud to present this to you.fritatta-carbonara-1.jpg