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Duck and Roots

Air Cured Duck Breast, Leg Confit, Absinthe Jade Rice Risotto, Roots, Sassafras Jus

This dish is one of my favorite plates to ever present, each plate is very different from the one before. For me it makes it personal for each diner. I like to think that the diners look into my dishes and look at it like a little world, each time they look they find something else. This was a great selling dish but let me tell you when you have six on fire its time to push because they do take some time.

Components Include:

Air Dried Duck Breast Pan Seared

Crispy Leg Confit

Absinthe and Jade Rice Risotto with Honshemaji and Morel mushrooms

Crispy burdock root, salsify, tarro root

Puffed Jade Rice seasoned with shiso

Garlic Roots

Malabar Spinach

Frilly Mustard Greens

Root Beer Gastrique

Sassafras Duck Jus

Shiso Oil